Some users will be able to test a new iPhone update, due out this fall, starting today.  iOS 10 is supposed to be pretty cool so let’s take a look at some of the new features.

  • Third-party developers get access to Siri and iMessage
  • Maps, Apple Music & Clock apps have been redesigned
  • Insta-Emoji…

As an example, if you were to type something like…



You’ll be able to tap a word to replace it with a corresponding emoji. Food or animals, sports…useful but kinda silly. Are we THAT emoji-obsessed?


Have trouble rememering when you took a certain photo? Maybe you’e been scrolling through your photo library for ten minutes and you’ve given up. With the launch of iOS 10 the app will scan your photos, analyze the subject for things like pets, certain landscapes or things and bring them up for you to choose from.